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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Edward Ewers

       I am honored to be the new superintendent of Penta Career Center, and to work with our students, staff, member schools, community, and industry partners in fulfilling our mission of providing the highest quality career - technical educational experience. Penta has a rich history of being a leader in providing educational options for both high school and adult post-secondary students, and this is more important than ever as we adjust to an ever-changing societal landscape.

      Since arriving at Penta in 2015, I have been listening and learning about Penta’s role in developing the workforce needs of the Northwest Ohio region. This is a central focus of our mission. I am committed to giving all of our students a strong foundation that allows them to make purposeful decisions about their future – a future that looks very different than it did even a few short months ago. Our students need to be flexible, adaptable, and to be able to rely on the foundation provided by Penta to carry them into the world of work and to further post-secondary educational options. Our students' future is not one an “either/or” proposition. Their future is an “all of the above” option and our duty is to help prepare them for those pathways. 

      I look forward to the opportunity to continue to listen, learn and lead with all of our partners. Together we can achieve our mission of helping students become successful and productive citizens. 


Edward Ewers


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