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Ohio TechCred
TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills need in a technology-infused economy.

Ohio's TechCred Program gives employers the chance to upskill current and future employees in today’s tech-infused economy. Employers who submit successful applications will be reimbursed up to $2,000 per credential when current or prospective employees complete eligible technology-focused credentials.
- Employers will need to identify the specific, technology-centric qualifications they need, as well as the number of employee(s) they want to upskill.
- To qualify for reimbursement of training costs, the employer must partner with a training provider and apply online. Individuals must be Ohio residents with a verifiable Ohio address.
- Reimbursements will be up to $2,000 per credential. Employers are eligible to receive up to $30,000 per funding round.
- Training must be completed within 12 months of the award date.
An initial list of eligible credentials is now available, along with program guidelines and eligibility criteria. Employers may request that a credential be added to the eligibility list.

Apply Today
Please remember that each business must submit an application.  Demand will determine availability of funds and timeline for future application periods.  Access the application now.  
Ohio Department of Development
Are you interested in using Ohio's TechCred program for one of our trainings?
For more information, contact:

Phil Stockwell
Penta Career Center TechCred Contact


Auto Maintenance and Light Repair
  • TechCred Credential: ASE Auto Maintenance and Light Repair (G1)
Intro. to HVAC
  • TechCred Credential: EPA Section 608 Technician
Dental Assisting
  • TechCred Credential: Dental Assisting
Precision Machining/CNC Programming
  • TechCred Credential: CNC Machining
Intro. to Welding
  • TechCred Credential: Introductory Welding and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Basic
Intermediate Welding
  • TechCred Credential: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) I
Advanced Welding
  • TechCred Credential: Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)
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