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Other Programs and Services

Penta also offers other programs and services to assist students in preparing for their future.

Career Assessment Services
Career Assessment Services assists students in realistic planning for the future by helping them discover their interests, abilities, career preferences, and learning styles. Certified Career Assessment staff work with individual students to support them in determining options for their high school education and beyond.

Career Based Intervention (CBI)
Penta offers CBI programs in satellite locations for students who are behind in credits and who are at-risk for dropping out of school. Through a cooperative effort between employers, parents/guardians, and the school, students learn to become productive workers and earn credits toward graduation.

Job Placement
Transitioning from school-to-work is an important component of career-technical education. Job Placement coordinators help access services for eligible students to assist them in achieving successful employment and independence upon graduation.

Job Training
This community-based program provides students with additional supports such as transition coordinators, job coaches, and agencies collaborating together to prepare students to transition from school to their adult community life upon graduation. The phases of the Job Training program offer a wide variety of experiences toward independent living and successful employment outcomes.

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