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BGSU College Credit Plus Courses Offered at Penta Career Center


College credit may be available in English, Social Studies and Science courses taught on the Penta Career Center Campus to students who meet the BGSU College Credit Plus admission requirements, attend a mandatory College Credit Plus meeting, complete all necessary paperwork, and apply for admission to Bowling Green State University prior to the application deadline. Courses are filled based on student requests and the ability to fill the courses based on minimum enrollment requirements.



Instructor Anthony Klever: 419-666-1120 x2103 or [email protected]      

WRIT 1110 (3) Seminar in Academic Writing - Provides a theoretical and practical foundation for college writers and lays important groundwork for future academic reading and writing experiences. This workshop based course explores diverse intellectual practices associated with effective writing, including analyzing and producing genres, investigating individual writing processes, and reflecting on one’s own learning experiences with an eye towards transferring writing knowledge to new situations. Students explore and experience how writing works in worlds they inhabit by composing digital, visual, narrative, and expository arguments. Placement through UWP. This course is graded ABC / No Credit + Portfolio.


WRIT 1120 (3) Seminar in Research Writing - Builds on foundational understandings of academic reading and writing with a focus on inquiry based writing. By engaging in a range of writing tasks, both formal and informal, students pursue person and library based research writing that has meaning to them personally. Students also continue to build confidence as readers, writers, and critical thinkers, adding their voice to ongoing conversations. Using a workshop approach, students practice strategies for representing, through reflective writing, their research and composing processes to a range of audiences. Placement through UWP or successful completion of WRIT 1110. This course is graded ABC/No Credit + Portfolio.



Instructor Joe Boggs: 419-666-1120 x3115 or [email protected] 

Instructor Jesse Thomas: 419-666-1120 x 2119 or [email protected] 


HIST 1520 (3) The Modern World - Comparative study of how and why selected economic, social, political and intellectual revolutions of the modern world have transformed and are shaping contemporary European and non-Western cultures.
HIST 2060 (3) Modern America 
- How/why selected economic, intellectual, political and social developments transformed post-Civil War America and shaped 20th-century American society.



Instructor Christine May: 419-666-1120 x3118 or [email protected] 

Instructor Branden May: 419-666-1120 x1415 or [email protected]    


BIOL 1080 (3) Life in the Sea - Shore and ocean environments, variety and adaptations of marine life. Observations of marine organisms in marine laboratory. High school biology recommended. 

BIOL 1040 (4) Introduction to Biology - Basic concepts: the cell, metabolism, genetics, reproduction, development, evolution, and ecology.



College credit may also be available through the Teaching Professions program via Penta Career Center for our satellite locations (taught at Perrysburg High School) to students who meet the BGSU College Credit Plus admission requirements, attend a mandatory College Credit Plus meeting, complete all necessary paperwork, and apply for admission to Bowling Green State University prior to the application deadline. BGSU’s College Credit Plus deadlines are on the next page.  



EDFI 2980 (3) Schools, Society and Cultural Diversity - Critical interdisciplinary examination of schooling, society, and cultural diversity in the United States. Inquiry into the origins of contemporary ideas, issues, and problems through the disciplines of history and philosophy, and analysis grounded in the social sciences on the relationships between schooling, diversity, and institutional issues in a globalizing society. 

EDTL 2300 (2) Introduction to Educational Technology - Addresses effectively identifying, locating, evaluating, designing, preparing and efficiently using educational technology as an instructional resource in the classroom as related to principles of learning and teaching. Candidates will develop increased classroom communication abilities through lectures, discussions, modeling, laboratory experiences and completion of a comprehensive project.

HDFS 1930 (3) Lifespan Human Development - Human developmental theories. Examination of environmental and contextual factors that influence development from birth through the life course, using life-history research, surveys, and questionnaires.

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