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Bowling Green State University

To Apply to BGSU College Credit Plus
1.       Visit the following link: 
2.       Select “I plan to take BGSU classes at my high school
3.       Choose Penta Career Center
4.       Fill in required fields (Term you wish to begin = Example: Fall, August 2018)
5.       Submit application

After you have submitted your online application, you will need to contact your member school counselor and send your Transcripts
To Set up MyBGSU:
1.       Visit the following link:
2.       Use your BGSU ID # to establish a BGSU username and password


College credit is available through the Teaching Professions program via Penta Career Center for our satellite locations (taught at Perrysburg High School) to students who meet the BGSU College Credit Plus admission requirements, attend a mandatory College Credit Plus meeting, complete all necessary paperwork, and apply for admission to Bowling Green State University prior to the application deadline. BGSU’s College Credit Plus deadlines are on the next page.  



EDFI 2980 (3) Schools, Society and Cultural Diversity - Critical interdisciplinary examination of schooling, society, and cultural diversity in the United States. Inquiry into the origins of contemporary ideas, issues, and problems through the disciplines of history and philosophy, and analysis grounded in the social sciences on the relationships between schooling, diversity, and institutional issues in a globalizing society. 

EDTL 2300 (2) Introduction to Educational Technology - Addresses effectively identifying, locating, evaluating, designing, preparing and efficiently using educational technology as an instructional resource in the classroom as related to principles of learning and teaching. Candidates will develop increased classroom communication abilities through lectures, discussions, modeling, laboratory experiences and completion of a comprehensive project.

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