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To Apply to BGSU College Credit Plus
1.       Visit the following link: https://choose.bgsu.edu/apply/advanced/ 
2.       Select “I plan to take BGSU classes at my high school
3.       Choose Penta Career Center
4.       Fill in required fields (Term you wish to begin = Example: Fall, August 2018)
5.       Submit application

After you have submitted your online application, you will need to contact your member school counselor and send your Transcripts
To Set up MyBGSU:
1.       Visit the following link: www.bgsu.edu/newaccount
2.       Use your BGSU ID # to establish a BGSU username and password

BGSU College Credit Plus Courses Offered at Penta Career Center

College Credit may be available in two English, two Social Studies and three Science courses taught on the Penta Career Center Campus to students who meet the BGSU College Credit Plus Admission Requirements, attend a mandatory College Credit Plus Meeting and complete all necessary paperwork and apply for admission to Bowling Green State University prior to the application deadline. BGSU’s College Credit Plus deadlines are on the next page.


WRIT 1110 (3) Introduction to Academic Writing - Basic expository writing; emphasis on organizing and developing coherent essays of at least 800 words for college-educated audiences.  Placement through pretesting. Students must complete course and program portfolio assessment successfully to receive an S grade. This course is graded S / No Credit.

WRIT 1120 (3) Academic Writing - Expository writing including research paper; emphasis on analytical writing on critical reading.  Placement through pretesting or successful completion of GSW 1100 or GSW 1110. Students must complete course and program portfolio assessment successfully to receive a passing grade. This course is graded ABC / No Credit.


HIST 1520 (3) The Modern World - Comparative study of how and why selected economic, social, political and intellectual revolutions of the modern world have transformed and are shaping contemporary European and non-Western cultures.

HIST 2060 (3) Modern America - How and why selected economic, intellectual, political and social developments transformed post-Civil War America and shaped 20th-century American society.


BIOL 1010 (3) Environment of Life - Basic ecology and current environmental problems of air, water and land pollution; human reproduction and population dynamics. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour laboratory.

BIOL 1080 (3) Life in the Sea - Shore and ocean environments, variety and adaptations of marine life. Observations of marine organisms in marine laboratory. Three one-hour lectures. High school biology recommended.

BIOL 1040 (4) Introduction to Biology - Basic Concepts: the cell, metabolism, genetics, reproduction, development, evolution, and ecology.

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