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College Credit Plus Student Enrollment Process & Information

Students at Penta Career Center have the opportunity to earn college credit through the College Credit Plus program in both academic and career-technical areas. For an overview of College Credit Plus, please see the video below. Required forms are linked on the right side of this page. Please contact your school counselor with any questions or concerns.

Steps to Enroll

1. Apply to Owens Community College online - Be sure to choose College Credit Plus for the application type.

2. Watch the informational video on this page, or attend a CCP meeting at Penta or your member school.

3. Complete the CCP Intent to Participate Form and submit it to your school counselor.

4. Complete the Penta Acknowledgement Form and submit it to your school counselor.

5. Complete any placement testing needed to qualify for CCP courses. You may schedule placement testing with the Owens Testing Center

Qualifying/Eligibility information can be found here. Please note, there is additional criteria to qualify for some CCP academic courses.

All male students who are 18 years old, or will become 18 years old while taking CCP courses must complete their Selective Service Registration at:

Additional Information:

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