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STEM Advanced Camp 2024, grades 6-9 - 3-day Camp

Please click on the links below to sign up for one of the 3-day STEM Advanced Camps, for grades 6-9!  Please note, these are all day camps, so only sign up for one 3-day camp and/or one 2-day camp.  Thank you for your interest!

Challenge your creativity and engineering skills as you work alongside fellow students to design and construct awe-inspiring bridges. Armed with 1x2 boards, unleash your imagination to craft structures that defy limits. Bridges will be tested for strength under various conditions to determine the overall best design!

Explore the world of sweet and savory yeast breads as you knead, shape, and bake your way to perfection. As the perfect complement your freshly baked bread, you will create quick and easy soups that will warm your soul and satisfy your cravings. From hearty stews to comforting broths, you will learn the skills that form the backbone of any great chef's repertoire.

Discover all the fascinating things you never knew about blood as you identify your own blood type in a captivating activity. Dive into a thrilling Murder Mystery game of clues, where you'll put your detective skills to the test and uncover the truth. Wrap up the camp with the Phlebotomy Olympics, where you'll compete in a series of challenging tasks to showcase your precision, speed, and technique!

Unleash your creativity and engineering skills to design and construct the ultimate K’Nex Roller Coaster. Through hands-on experimentation and application of physics principles, you'll engineer a roller coaster masterpiece that defies gravity and ignites excitement!

Sign up for an immersive experience where you'll master welding basics and unleash your creativity through hands-on projects. Each day, you'll craft a small welding masterpiece to take home, showcasing your newly acquired skills!
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